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“World-class. The Meccore String quartet shines in August-Everding-Hall”

“The quartet, founded in 2017 and multiply prize winning, has realized in August Everding hall works by Grieg, Schostakowitsch and Tschaikowsky with such fire, such stage presence, such a really unique dance-like impetus and such infalliable taste like only an absolute world-class ensemble is possible to do.”

Harald Eggebrecht, Süddeutsche Zeitung, January 2018


“Exceeded expectations”

“Among experts, the Meccore String Quartet is reckoned the best Polish string quartet. (...) Across Europe there are extremely few quartets so young but who play at such a high level. Four stylists who left their 'Sturm und Drang' period behind and passionately explore the works they chose, displaying a delicate technical acuteness which, at the same time, leaves room for emotional emphasis.”

Ulrich Pfaffenberger, Süddeutsche Zeitung, December 2017



„Meccore String Quartet in Pullach with Stupendous Virtuosity and Emotion“

“The Polish quartet (…), among the most exciting ones of their generation, performed with fervour, excelled in fascinating contrasts, and displayed elaborate phrasing. (…) The four stunning virtuosi created powerful suspense and dynamics, seizing the audience to follow with tangible concentration on a continuously high level. Bravos, cheers and stamping feet already after the first piece and before the intermission acclaimed a performance as much refreshing as musically convincing.”

Udo Watter, Süddeutsche Zeitung, April 2017


“Meccore quartet make a unique use of dynamics and phrasing. Their interpretations of Beethoven, Szymanowski and Sibelius are like holy fire pouring from the skies. The best Polish string quartet ever. The four have Beethoven’s music under their skins."

Lidy van der Spek, Algemeen Dagblad, November 2016


"They sound so magnetizing that you forget it’s a string quartet playing. Even the slightest nuance of the piece is gleaming."

Susanne Pütz, HR2 Kultur, August 2016


Their playing is extremely refined. The four musicians open up a wide breadth of facets, convincing by subtle tints of dynamics and tone colours as well as by the utmost energy in their play. Szymanowski’s stiring quartets are flourishing in their hands.

Guido Krawinkel, Klassik Heute, August 2016


"The slow movements [of both Szymanowski's Quartets] sound like the 1001 Arabian Nights – only without words. Complemented with Debussy’s masterly complex string quartet, shaped with wonderful sensuality and expression by four Polish compatriots of Szymanowski."

Applaus, May 2016



"On their way to the top"

Anna Mika, NEUE, August 2014



“Technical perfection is taking second place to the physical energy and spontaneity they bring to the music.”

David Denton, The Strad, November 2013



“To convince with classic core repertoire by a thoroughly prepared interpretation is a trademark of the Meccore String Quartet.”

Hans-Dieter Grünefeld, Ensemble, January 2014


"Chambermusic at the highest level, presented thrillingly and with zest"

Reinhard Palmer, Süddeutsche Zeitung, June 2014


"Highly emotional instrumental art"

H.D. Mahlstedt, Weserkurier, June 2014



"This matinée turned out to be full of intensity, full of new and detailed perceptions, even from pieces one was sure to already know so well. With their interpretations the Meccores have given their collegues a hard time to impress. These four boys have to come back to Kissingen."

Thomas Ahnert, Mainpost, June 2014


"One of the best string quartets in Poland. Established by young people, who read each other's intentions as if they have been playing together ever since. Fantastic technical abilities, passion, beautiful sound."

Robert Kamyk, TVP KULTURA


“They possess a perfect command of form and charming lyricism. Still the musical emotions are based above all on their sound. Their articulation unveils unknown and underestimated qualities of music that we all know. It is worth listening to what MSQ musicians want to tell us.”

Adam Suprynowicz, MWM, October 2013


"Meccore Quartet not only plays classical music in a brillant way, but also performs modern music with great enthusiasm."

Krzysztof Penderecki


"The Meccore String Quartet has impressed me as an outstanding young ensemble."

Alfred Brendel


"Their wonderful interpretations of Mozart and Beethoven will remain in my memories most intense and exciting."

Giuliano Carmignola